Uibel Winery...

“1000 steps guide us to good wine. The reward for our patience is an indulgence unlike any other,” says Leo Uibel. Many of those steps lead this young Austrian winegrower through his roughly 7,5 hectares of gravel, alluvial, loess-loam and lime marl hilly vineyards on the Köhlberg in Ziersdorf (WEINVIERTEL).


He practices numerous sustainable vineyard techniques, including late summer crop thinning, hand harvest and reduced yields in the pursuit of 100% fully ripe and healthy fruit. Coupled with minimal sulfur use, extended time on the lees and bottling based on the lunar calendar, every wine from this ascendent winemaker is a one-of-a-kind pleasure.

With the Year 2016 we are now on the way to work in the vineyards 100% BIO - this is the next steep of our philosophy of the true winemaking